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Sam Celebrates 10 years at Highgate House 🎉🎊👏


Congratulations to Sam Barrie, who celebrated his 10 Year Anniversary at Highgate House yesterday with Potens! 🎉🎊👏



Manager Kris presented Sam with his 10 Years Service Award and said:


“Sam joined the team back in 2014. Having had little previous experience in care, this was a very new type of role to him. Sam has continually challenged himself and developed into a very strong-minded and confident member of the team, who is often a mentor for those newer to the roles. 🙌 Sam has been on our journey for a long time, contributing to the many positive changes here. Sam is one of the kindest individuals we have ever known, always putting others first and offering to help with anything above and beyond. 🌟 He is also naturally funny – always making people laugh with his humour and witty banter and continually makes the people we support and the team at Highgate House smile. 😁 Thank you for everything Sam, we are so lucky to have you here at Highgate!” 💙


Well done Sam on celebrating your big milestone of 10 years at Highgate House and thank you for all your hard work and support you have provided to the people at Highgate during this time! 🎉👏👏


Here is to many more years with Potens at Highgate House! 💛



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