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Our Approach

In this Our Approach section…

Arbour House has developed a specialist approach which we believe supports pupil’s with complex social and communication needs to enable them to develop into well rounded adults who can make valuable contributions to their community.

The approach is bespoke to suit the specialist needs of pupil’s to support their intellectual, emotional and physical well-being based on best practice and methodologies. Our approach is continuously reviewed and adapted to ensure it meets the unique needs of each individual.

Our approach is applied across all settings both at Arbour House and pupils’ homes with consistency, and provides a toolkit of skills which enables children and young people with complex social and communication needs to understand expectations made of them which will support them throughout their life.

Our approach focuses on:

PATHWAY Enabling each individual to self-manage behaviour, communicate, manage transitions, develop independent living and social skills, choice-making and advocacy and progress to building vocational skills and undertaking work-placement activities.
CONSISTENCY A shared approach and objectives, careful planning and a focus on expertise for all staff enables pupils to learn throughout the day and across settings.
STRUCTURE Using the TEACCH system with individualised visual and physical structure throughout the organisation of the day, in learning and living spaces. The environment is highly structured, calm, safe and secure.
EXERCISE A varied programme of regular and frequent physical activity to improve attention, provide opportunities for social interaction and is part of the repertoire of strategies for calming young people when anxious.
COMMUNITY Skills once taught and practiced onsite are then generalised offsite with frequent access to the local community.
COMMUNITY Therapeutic programmes are provided to support individual needs. Speech and Language therapy, Occupational therapy including Sensory Integration, Music therapy, Play therapy, drama therapy, art.




Potens has multiple agencies in various locations around England and Northern Ireland offering suitable accommodation, supported living, domiciliary care and respite or short breaks. Please see our locations page for more information about services in your area, or please contact us to find out more. If you'd like to make a referral, please go here

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