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About the School

ARBOUR HOUSE is an independent specialist school based in Weymouth Dorset, and we are currently completing our registration process with the Department for Education. The school will create an alternative educational provision for young people who are at risk of being excluded and or have been excluded from their schools. We aim to provide a learning environment that supports behaviour and emotional development, increase skill learning and supports a life beyond education into the adult world.

Arbour House School will be using the TEACCH system of structured teaching with structure in the organisation of the day and the layout of all environments including classrooms and work.

Timetabling the day and individual work/activity systems outline what is expected; routines provide a predictable sequence of events; using visual organisation of materials helps define and make clear expectations. This structured approach is personalised to support each individual’s needs and enhance their development.

What is TEACCH?
TEACCH is a programme for individuals of all ages and skill levels with autistic spectrum disorders. Division TEACCH is based in North Carolina, USA and provides clinical services, training and research. 

TEACCH has developed an approach known as ‘structured teaching’. The principles of structured teaching are:

  • Understanding the culture of autism (i.e. a way of thinking about the characteristic patterns of thinking and behaviour seen in individuals with autistic spectrum disorder).
  • Developing an individualised person and family centred plan for each individual, rather than using a standard curriculum.
  • Structuring the physical environment.
  • Using visual supports to make the sequence of daily activities predictable and understandable.
  • Using visual supports to make individual tasks understandable.

Arbour House School is committed to ensuring our staff are trained in the TEACCH methodology.

Find out more about TEACCH from the University of North Carolina
TEACCH information on this page is taken from the TEACCH website (www.teacch.com)

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