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Timothy’s all set for 2017!

Timothy Young, who lives at Potens’ High Barn Residential service in Rochdale, has always been very active – enjoying long walks around nearby parks, lakes and gardens and continuously on the go! In early 2015 Timothy underwent surgery on his right hip, bringing a sudden halt to his active lifestyle, but with his sheer determination and fantastic support from his staff team he is now up and active and getting ready for the New Year!


Service Manager Junior Howard Keeble explains: “Timothy was admitted to North Manchester General Hospital for the second stage of his hip replacement earlier this year, where he spent several days at the hospital recuperating from the operation before returning back to the service.”


Upon leaving the hospital Timothy was given a physiotherapy regime to follow that would support Timothy through his on- going recuperation and on his way to getting active once again. “We put in place several measures and adaptations so we could ensure Timothy was fully supported and comfortable when he came back home. This included a supportable mattress to aid his sleeping, and installing a shower chair to ensure he was safe and could continue to manage his personal care.” Junior adds.


Once back home, the team at High Barn worked with Timothy’s physiotherapist to put plans in place for him to regain his independence. This included completing daily exercises with his team to get Timothy back on his feet. “After several weeks of intense physiotherapy and daily exercises Timothy was signed off from the physiotherapy team – which is a real success!”


Staff continued with the daily exercises for several months to rebuild Timothy’s strength and to support him to achieve his goal of being able to access the community and start walking again. Through his own self determination and willpower Timothy’s mobility improved considerably – with him becoming stronger every day.


“Timothy started accessing the community in small steps and was supported on small outings and short walks which Timothy really enjoyed. These outings gradually increased in distance and intensity.” The culmination of the staff teams hard work and Timothy’s perseverance was that Timothy has eventually regained his full independence and able to enjoy day trips out as well as his walks around the local parks and gardens.


“The significant turning point in Timothy’s mobility came when a day trip to Blackpool was organised for the service. Staff initially were sceptical about Timothy being able to walk the distances around Blackpool on varying surfaces, although were very surprised when Timothy asked to go further and further!”

Fantastic achievement – well done Timothy and the High Barn staff team!

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