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Young People in Transition

The transition from school or college is a critical time for young people with learning disabilities and their families. It marks the move from school to adult life and from children’s to adult’s services. Many young people, particularly those with severe learning disabilities are likely to require continuing access to a combination of support services in order to enjoy a good quality of life in adulthood.

Foundation for People with Learning Disabilities

Individual circumstances differ, but transition planning may need to consider the young person’s future in terms of their:
+ Future daytime activities after leaving school (further education; supported employment; day services, or a “package” of different activities).
+ Living arrangements (remaining in the family home; moving to more independent living and the kind of accommodation and support that might be required).
+ Leisure opportunities during the evenings and at weekends.
+ General and possibly specialist healthcare needs.
+ Entitlement to disability-related and other benefits


The Support provided through Potens.

Potens provide support packages to young adults, offering the opportunity to grow as an individual and gain the necessary skills required to move on to greater independence. Support is focused around enabling the individual to be socially active and to build a network of friends and family, employment and/or education opportunities that are important elements when planning for the future.

Continuing the person centred approach, a taste of increased responsibility and reduced support can be introduced to allow the individual to plan and prepare for the future. With a structured moving on plan and the experience of increased independence, there is a greater opportunity for success in the future.

To aid this approach, Potens offer a wide range of residential care homes, single and multi-occupancy supported living schemes, along with day opportunities, outreach and domiciliary care services.

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