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Behaviour Specialist

Potens Behaviour Specialist works closely with all of Potens services offering advice, guidance and training around any individuals with behaviour that challenges.

The Specialist is a Behavioural Therapist with specialist skills around behavioural issues and autistic spectrum disorder including Asperger Syndrome.

All behaviour is a form of communication that tells us how the person we support is feeling or what they are thinking. The Specialist supports people to develop alternative ways to communicate their needs.

Behaviour that challenges is being engaged in to meet a needĀ either to obtain something they want or avoid something they do not want.

The Specialist assesses the behaviour holistically by exploring the physical, social, historical and biological factors that may be reinforcing behaviour that challenges.

Behaviour support plans are provided that develop alternative more adaptive behaviours which enable the person to achieve what they want without behaviour that challenges.

Behaviour Management Plans will focus on individual need and will be led by the people we support, their aims and motivational goals and promote their concept of learning in life.

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