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Every day is different

As the national social care recruitment campaign #everydayisdifferent launches, we share our thoughts on being a frontline worker with Potens.

Ever heard someone refer to their job as “just a support worker”?

At Potens we want our staff to view themselves as we do. You give people dignity, independence and grow their confidence. Sometimes it’s the little things like just sitting and listening or being a companion. YOU will be the person that’s developed someone’s skills. YOU will be the reason they feel more can complete tasks alone. YOU are the difference between a good day and a great day! “Every day is different” could not sum up this job better. You could go from shopping a having a meal out to attending a football match or catching the latest movie. We want to give people careers, not jobs which is why we take the time to chat you through our vacancies before your interview.

It can be daunting if you haven’t worked in the sector before which is why we also insist your interviewed by our senior staff who give you all of the information you may be unsure of. We are not just choosing you; we are asking you to choose us.


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