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Arbour House School tackles climate change


As part of their studies on Global Issues and Climate Change Key Stage 4 pupils have been following the 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference, more commonly referred to as COP26 held in Glasgow, Scotland, from 31st October to 13th November 2021.


The event brought together 120 world leaders and over 40,000 registered participants, including 22,274 party delegates, 14.124 observers and 3.886 media representatives. For two weeks, the world was riveted on all facets of climate change — the science, the solutions, the political will to act, and clear indications of action – and many of our pupils were riveted too!


Aaron decided he would like to plant some trees to contribute to reversing the high levels of CO2 and to do his bit for the environment and climate change. Some class discussion was had around this and Lodmoor Country Park in Weymouth was chosen as the tree planting location.


They followed it in class via video link and some pupils chose to continue watching it live in the evenings as they were so inspired by many of the guest speakers. The pupils decided that as a school we should sign up for a COP26 pack of lessons and resources. They wanted to find out more about what COP meant and so they researched this independently.



They enjoyed participating in many class discussions about climate change and were especially interested in which countries had representatives attending the COP26 event, and which countries did not – and why that might be.


Careful thought was given on arrival at Lodmoor. Aaron did not want to plant the trees directly next to lots of other trees as he was concerned about their need for light and space to grow well, and he was worried that too many seeds in one area would attract the birds who would eat them.













Finally a suitable location was found and Aaron planted ten beech tree seeds. He is hopeful that at least half of the seeds that he planted will survive and he is looking forward to going back to Lodmoor Country Park every three months to see how well things are progressing.

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