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Tracey has a diagnosis of a mild learning disability and personality disorder.  In July 2014 she moved into Parkside Lodge, after experiencing numerous failed placements.

Tracey’s behaviour in the first six months were very erratic, with her presenting daily with various forms of challenging behaviours; towards herself, staff and peer group.  Unfortunately due to an eating disorder she also lost a vast amount of weight. Tracey regularly left Parkside without staff, putting herself into risky situations.  Her relationship with others was very limited and she was at risk of becoming socially isolated, finding it almost impossible to form friendships or interact with others due to her lack of compassion or empathy.   Tracey often refused to  become involved in activities and events at Parkside, remaining in her room, banging on walls at the neighbours or singing loudly to try to distract herself from her thoughts

Through staff offering consistent support and maintaining  boundaries, Tracey’s behaviours have reduced dramatically.

Fast Forward

Tracey is a pleasant, humorous lady who interacts well with service users and takes part in activities in-house.  She has formed new friendship within the house and she” looks after” some of the other service users by proving them with hot drinks and snacks .

She is able to listen and understand that sometimes other people have needs and she is now able to respond to these with empathy and understanding.

In the last six months support staff have been able to take her out on shopping trips and visits to her family where it has been remarked upon, at how well she is . Tracey really enjoys all the positive validation recently gaining the Parkside Golden award for her services to singing and dancing in Parkside .

Tracey still likes to eat on her own but now joins us for the weekly coffee morning and particularly enjoys the lemon cake.


Most of all Tracey is able to use advice and understand information given cleverly realising that she can have her needs meet by just being Tracey.


Janice’s massive accomplishment!

Janice, who is supported in one of Potens’ residential services in Nottingham, has shared her story as well as some fantastic photographs of her recent trip to the ‘The Deep’ in Hull. This is a massive personal accomplishment for Janice who a few months before would not stay out with staff support for longer than half an hour.

WWE Smackdown & TV Stars

David and Laura are wrestling fans and often have asked to go and see the wrestling locally in Llandudno, Colwyn Bay and Rhyl. One night whilst watching the wrestling locally they enquired as to when the WWE would be next in the UK and wondered if they would be able to go.

A new start and going home

A young woman moved into Pendle View, East Lancashire in September 2015, after experiencing a chaotic period in her life, including spending sometime in hospital. This young woman not only has mental health problems, but additional health problems, which had been neglected for over 12 months.

Springfield have a fun day for Children In Need

Potens' Springfield Day Opportunities service in Darlington celebrated Children in Need day in style this year with everyone coming to the centre in their pyjamas to raise money for the fantastic cause.

Tracey has settled in well

Tracey has a diagnosis of a mild learning disability and personality disorder. In July 2014 she moved into Parkside Lodge, after experiencing numerous failed placements. Find out here how Tracey has turned her life around working in partnership with her staff team to drive forward outcomes.

James Goes Fishing

James attends Poten’s Day Opportunities Service in Old Conwy, North Wales, where he has been busy taking part in a whole host of new activities. James has autism and can find change difficult, so staff at Acorn have been using ‘Now and Next’ - a communication board that has been designed in line with his specific needs, so he can understand what is happening during his day to reduce anxiety.

Kay’s New Job

With support from Potens North West Dom Care, Kay has been working in paid employment at the local Morrison’s café. She serves ordered dishes, clears the tables and sweeps the floor. She is very enthusiastic about her job, as she loves meeting new people. The confidence that she has gained has helped her build a close circle of friends through joining in staff events, and being invited to family and friends events such as christenings.

Ethan starts college

Ethan found transitions particularly difficult and in the time leading up to him leaving his school and starting at his carefully chosen College, he experienced real problems, particularly concerning his relations to other people, which could result in behaviours needing intensive management.

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