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My Story – Cameron

Arbour House, Potens’ first independent school, opened in 2017 for children aged 6-16 years of age who have a range of complex needs including learning disabilities, autism, and ADHD.

After hearing about our 30-year celebrations, some of the pupils wanted to write their own stories about the amazing progress they have made at school – here Cameron shares his story:

‘My Journey’ by Cameron, aged 14…

“I was anxious and not very happy with my life before coming to Arbour House School and now I am less stressed which has helped me with my learning.

I struggled to trust people before coming to Arbour House, but now I am starting to get along with people better. I trust other people outside of school more and am starting to make friends and trust people in school too.

I am good at working things out and problem solving. I am now doing more work and not giving up as easily as I used to.

I enjoy going to the allotment on a Friday. I have redesigned the allotment, that is my favourite place to be. But I am also starting to go to other places with the other students on a Friday – so I don’t always have to do what I want to do now.

I have many more opportunities than when I was home schooled and when I was at my other school, e.g. going to London, Ancient Technology Centre, and the Chocolate Factory. I enjoy getting more opportunities, e.g. trips, allotment, reward vouchers and getting to go out more. I’m listened to more here.

I have started to treat people with more respect, e.g. bringing in my own train set from home for the younger children, playing top trumps with Aaron and Alfie, and I am making bird boxes at home for the other children to paint and decorate. I made a big planter for the school at home as well and planted it up ready for summer!

When I first came to Arbour House I started off with two days a week and built up to more and more days once I was comfortable and able to cope. I now attend Monday to Friday, all day every day. My attendance last term was 98%. I am enjoying myself at Arbour House. I’m happy.”

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