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Jason is doing amazing!

“I am doing amazing!” is how Jason sums up his personal achievements and outcomes since moving into Oakleigh in Dawlish.

He explains: “When I arrived at Oakleigh I had not developed any skills with cooking, cleaning or socially. I really struggled communicating with new people and moving to Oakleigh was really scary for me.”

“Now I help my staff to cook some meals; I especially love making pizza; I polish my flat myself, I will iron small items and, I wash up all of my own dishes. I am so proud of myself!”

“I am now a social butterfly! I love going to the main house and chatting away with other residents and staff members about video games, trips out and my home visits. I make jokes, I do impressions (my favourite being the pirate impression) and I’ll watch video games with staff and go to barbecues.”

“Each day I am to do something new: It could be I am eating something new, learning something new or trying out new a conversation.”


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