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Big changes for Simon

Since moving into Oakleigh Simon’s life has turned around – with his activities, contribution and social life increasing every day! Manager Nichola Chandler explains: “Simon’s progress continues to astound everyone here at Oakleigh. Upon arriving with us Simon’s trust in others was low, he had limited social skills, was hardly accessing the community and was not contributing to his daily household tasks.”

“Now Simon goes out once a week for a trip, goes to a café once a week, goes home to see his mum every fortnight and joins in with barbeques and parties  – always the last one standing! Simon is a joy and loved by anyone that has the fortune too meet him, and now that his trust in us has grown stronger his sense of humour shines through and you cannot stop laughing! Each day Simon shows himself as developing to part of a community and a much loved resident here at Oakleigh. We hope that Simons skills continue to develop with us every day.”


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